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Oct 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
apple work on improvements. also out apple's widely criticized 3 tel store chief john browett he is leaving after only nine months on the job. >> today we are bringing phones into the windows family with windows on eight. >> that was microsoft ceo steve balmer. microsoft held a press conference to reveal its new smart flag flown. running on the windows 08 platform. the device to be of the market by november. >> google is getting into it as well unveiling a fleet of new nexus devices with a slot on and the tablets market. for starters there is a nexus for smart phone from lg with a 4.7 is displayed. fog in charge of on on a line down charges surfaced. on the tablets side the latest person of the next seven will be offering 16 and 32 gb versions for the same price as was previously announced. more storage for the same price. google with larger with the next 10 tablets. the company calls it the ultimate taboo for watching movies to read magazines. in fact thanks to this team is sprinkled counts the highest resolution tellablet on the planet. and yes it is more resolutions on been on
Nov 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
and a lot of ads to pull because a hurricane. you can only put so many ads. john mccain did the same thing with sarah palin at the end of the last campaign. at a sort of the campaign is that do that are in a little bit of desperation of. there can expand that because they're looking for something to get something extra. >> it does seem a lot more difficult for met romney to reach to 70 than it does for present obama. >> if you look at the delegate totals present obama needs 34 more out of the 85 they're out there. that basically means at the as ohio and wisconsin all he basically needs it is if you won virginia a would be over. he basically needs 10 more delegates. that accommodation of colorado + one or i a lot and nevada. that equals the magic to 70. romney has a much higher bar to clear. he basically has to almost round the table of the swing states. florida colorado early budding is turning his way he has some good markers but without ohio and without wisconsin it becomes a very tough road for him. this will all be about get out and vote for the last two days. >> house is looking for p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2